Basic materials to make eyebrow lamination

If you want to start in the world of eyebrow design, you must first know all the implements you need. In this article you will learn all the basic materials to make eyebrow lamination.

The first thing you should have on hand is an eyebrow ironing kit, within this you will find the necessary products that will guarantee the completion of the procedure. Generally each kit comes with 3 products that will be applied during the procedure.

Eyebrow Lamination Kit Materials:

For eyebrow design, eyebrow waxing, shading and lamination procedures, specialized materials are used that ensure the quality of the procedure. Below we will explain each one:

  • Pachymeter: Also known as caliper, vernier caliper or caliper. This implement is used during eyebrow design to ensure the accuracy of the measurements taken.
  • Thread: The thread used must be made of natural and hypoallergenic material. It is used for the Hindu hair removal technique, it is also used to mark eyebrow designs.
  • Eyebrow design pencil: It is a special pencil that allows you to easily mark the design on the skin, in this way, the specialist can easily guide herself to perform the eyebrow procedure. You can use black, brown or white pencil.
  • Eyebrow lamination kit: It contains the materials to achieve the eyebrow straightening effect, generally containing a restructuring agent, a straightener and a fixative. In the laminate section the effect of each one will be explained in depth.
  • Henna: It is a powder pigment of plant origin that is used to color the eyebrows. Depending on its composition, light, medium and dark tones can be applied, depending on the need.
  • Eyebrow shampoo: It allows you to clean the skin and eyebrow hairs of grease and impurities, preparing it for the eyebrow procedure to be performed.
  • Water of roses: It is a natural toner that is very gentle on the skin, it is used to treat irritation or redness after hair removal, helping it to recover quickly. It is also recommended to use a special herbal tonic for hair removal.
  • Scissors and epilator: These implements are used to perfect the result of eyebrow waxing. The epilator will help remove small hairs that cannot be removed by the thread. The scissors are used to trim long hairs that come out of the design when combed.
  • Eyelash brush: The shape and texture of this brush allows you to easily comb your eyebrows and makes the job easier.
  • Canvas or vinyl paper: These implements allow the temperature to be increased to increase effectiveness during the application of the laminating steps.
  • Cup: It is a glass mortar (it can be made of any material) in which the henna and the activator are mixed to reach the appropriate consistency to work with.
  • Brush: With this implement the henna is applied to the eyebrows, it is also used to mix the henna in the cup.
  • Illuminator: This makeup pencil is applied at the end of waxing to give a brighter appearance to the eyebrows, making the result look cleaner.

With these basic materials to make eyebrow lamination you can correctly begin to provide this service.

In the following video you will see a detailed explanation of all the materials needed to do eyebrow ironing:

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