Body butter: the essential for dry skin

The benefits of this rich cream are multiple. In addition to its pleasant scent, it regenerates dry and damaged skin and gives it a healthy glow. In this article we explain to you why body butter is significantly more effective than a simple body lotion and how to best use it.

You are probably aware that body butter is richer than lotion. Moreover, this thick, even very compact, cream is found in many bathroom cabinets, especially in autumn and winter. Very popular, it gives the skin a sublime radiance and makes it very soft. For optimal effectiveness, certain aspects must be taken into account regarding its use and conservation. The timing of its application also plays an important role.

Body Butter vs. Body Lotion: What’s the Difference?

Unlike body lotions, classic body butter formulas do not contain water. Their consistency is generally solid and creamy, which makes them more effective than lotions in treating dry skin. Body butters contain more oil and fat. They are therefore significantly richer, more nourishing and therefore more economical than body lotions. One of the characteristics of body butter is that it softens, or even liquefies, on contact with heat, which allows, for example, pure, high-quality shea butter to melt on contact with that of the body. The skin thus becomes radiant.

Composition of body butter

Body butter is made from the kernels of nuts, seeds, beans or even fruits, often enriched with essential oils and other plant extracts. Shea butter or cocoa butter forms the basis of body butter, to which other components are added such as coconut, vanilla, fruit essences, essential oils, vegetable oils (macadamia, jojoba , rose, almond, etc.) and vitamins.

Shea butter and shea nuts Shea butter: extracted from the shea tree, it is widely used in the composition of body butters. Particularly hydrating, it nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity. This butter consists of phytosterols, hydrocarbons, oleic acid and tocopherols, as well as a series of other valuable ingredients. Phytosterols balance the skin’s hydration and allow better absorption of other nutrients from the balm. Vitamin E contributes to the regeneration of cells and skin; As for Allantoin, which has cutaneous properties, it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In Central Africa, pure, unrefined shea butter has been a remedy used for centuries. Regular application of shea butter is therefore very beneficial for sensitive and irritated skin.

Butter and cocoa seeds Cocoa butter: another basic ingredient in body butters, it is often used and contains, like shea butter, vitamin E whose regenerating effect allows the skin to regain its flexibility. Potassium provides chapped and dry skin with the oil it lacks and vitamin K can lighten skin spots and even help fight rosacea.

Who is body butter for?

This hyper-nourishing balm is suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes dry and chapped skin, cares for and firms mature skin, soothes irritated and sensitive skin and protects normal skin against drying out during the cold season.

How to use body butter?

Thanks to its strong moisturizing power, most of the time it is enough to apply a small amount after a shower. In contact with skin soaked in water, the fats contained will be stored for longer. Body butter should be heated between the hands or applied directly to the skin, massaging carefully. Before getting dressed, it is best to wait up to ten minutes to give the product time to penetrate properly.

How to store body butter?

In order to protect their consistency and quality, body butters should preferably be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light. Be sure to close the lid tightly to prevent air contact. People who regularly ventilate their bathroom or who eliminate humidity using a ventilation system can therefore store their body butter in their bathroom without fear.

Body butter for massage

Body butter is a perfect alternative to massage oil. With its precious ingredients and pleasant smell, the massage becomes a true experience of well-being. Unlike lotion, body butter doesn’t absorb as quickly and spreads easily.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Thanks to its solid consistency, the body butter can also be packaged easily in recyclable metal or glass cans. A simple thin cardboard box is enough to package solid body butter (like solid shampoo and solid shower gel). This eco-responsible packaging makes it possible to forgo other materials, starting with plastic. For longer storage, however, it is recommended to use an airtight metal or glass container.

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