Is it possible to achieve long lasting eyebrow makeup with cheap cosmetics?

achieve long lasting eyebrow makeup with cheap cosmetics

Many women are convinced that beautiful eyebrows can only be achieved with the most expensive cosmetics; otherwise, the makeup will run and fade quickly. They couldn’t be further from the truth! Find out how to make your eyebrow makeup long-lasting with cheap cosmetics. Without a doubt, eyebrows are the most crucial thing when it comes … Read more

How to remove henna from eyebrows? Saving eyebrows after a failure when dyeing them with henna

How to remove henna from eyebrows

The plan seemed to be simple: treat your eyebrows with henna and look beautiful. Unfortunately, the result obtained is far from satisfactory… the eyebrows are too dark or – what is worse – the color is uneven. Is it possible to remove henna from the eyebrows? Learn some ways that will help you escape unscathed … Read more



Eyebrow tinting is a widespread practice for filling in sparse lines, marking eyebrows or simply perfecting restructuring. Henna is a natural, affordable solution! How do you use it? We tell you all about it. Marked, clean, full eyebrows are all the rage. While semi-permanent make-up methods are in full swing, so are eyebrow restructuring and … Read more

How to prepare henna for eyebrows

Traditionally, natural henna is a powder, but there are different presentations for the various uses it is given. For this article we presents you with this guide where step by step we tell you how to prepare henna for eyebrows. How to make homemade eyebrow henna? If you want to prepare homemade henna you must get the following … Read more

Microblading or henna eyebrow design: Which one to choose?

Microblading or henna eyebrow design

Looking in the mirror and seeing perfect eyebrows every day sounds impossible, but it is not. We have numerous techniques to achieve this. Among them are microblading and henna eyebrow design . Both are treatments to define and style your eyebrows. But there are numerous differences between them. In this article, we are going to buy them so you can choose the right … Read more

Differences between eyelash lifting and perming

Differences between eyelash lifting and perming

Eyelash lifting and perming are two techniques used to arch the eyelashes, provide them with volume and define a more stylized aesthetic. Each one has its own mechanism to achieve the desired result. However, you need a specialist’s point of view to determine which one to apply. Furthermore, undergoing either procedure requires having the appropriate equipment and … Read more

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