Damaged eyelashes due to eyelash extensions – The reasons

Have you ever heard or read testimonials saying that applying eyelash extensions had damaged your natural eyelashes?

Premature loss, bare eyelid, slower regrowth, thinner and less abundant eyelashes…

Let it be said, these stories are not myths, you yourself Lash Artist have probably already received a client who had extensions fitted to another person and who presented these anomalies.

If these kinds of mishaps happen, it’s because technicians make 2 big mistakes when they apply extensions. These errors which damage the eyelashes and quickly make clients regret having given in to the promises of eyelash extensions, they are however easily avoidable and we will see how in the rest of this article!

The main cause:

Continuous pulling of the eyelashes causes damage to the hair follicles (place where the life of the eyelashes develops) causing regrowth of poorer quality (stunted, shorter eyelashes that grow in all directions). When the phenomenon is too intense or lasts too long, regrowth is non-existent; clients no longer have eyelashes on all or part of their eyelid, this is called alopecia.

What causes alopecia?

The technician glues the natural eyelashes together

The first cause is the technicians’ lack of meticulousness when it comes to properly separating the natural eyelashes to apply the extensions. For the application to be correct, it is essential that the natural eyelashes are not stuck to each other. Otherwise, if 2 or more eyelashes are stuck together, when pushing they will pull on each other, mutually exerting traction which will have the effect of damaging their roots.

The reasons why many technicians glue several natural eyelashes together are varied, but constitute serious professional misconduct.

Cause of natural eyelashes stuck together:

  1. The race for hourly profitability
  2. The satisfaction of telling yourself that the faster you go, the better you are
  3. Pressure from clients who do not wish to lie down for more than an hour
  4. Boredom, lack of desire to provide quality work
  5. Lack of technique, meticulousness

An aggravating case, the client who finds herself with stuck eyelashes will feel discomfort, tightness at the base of the extensions, and itching. If a large number of eyelashes are stuck together, some which have detached from the eyelids but held by those still in place will dangle, bothering the client… She will therefore have the reflex to remove them, but by pulling on them, she will tear them off. eyelashes still in place!

Result: a hole on the eyelid, with eyelashes that will take a long time to grow back!

How to prevent natural eyelashes from sticking together?

  1. Accept that precipitation and eyelash extensions are incompatible
  2. Accept that eyelash extension is a meticulous and rigorous activity
  3. Acquire a better eyelash separation technique
  4. Pay attention to the amount of glue used
  5. Use a glue adapted to your work pace (in terms of speed)
  6. Check at the end of application that no natural eyelashes are stuck together

Eyelash extensions are too heavy for natural eyelashes to carry

The second cause of alopecia is the weight of the applied extensions. There are a wide variety of extensions with different settings. But 2 of them particularly interest us in this article: Length and thickness

The longer and thicker an extension is, the more material there is and therefore the heavier it is. What causes natural eyelashes to weaken when extensions are too heavy is applied to them is their weight, which exerts traction on the eyelashes.

Why do some technicians use extensions that are too heavy to the detriment of the health of their clients’ eyelashes?

  1. They are not aware of this problem because the subject is not covered in training
  2. Whether they are aware of the problem or not, they want to please their customers who ask them
  3. Profitability, since by applying thick and long extensions, the result will be seen more quickly without having to apply a lot.

How do we recognize that eyelash extensions are not suitable for natural eyelashes?

  1. Initially placed with the tip upwards, the extensions twist to the sides, go in all directions or tip downwards, since the natural eyelashes cannot support them
  2. The client feels pain at the root
  3. After a few months of wearing eyelash extensions, the eyelashes are fewer, shorter and thinner (*)

(*) be careful, when a client makes a removal, being used to wearing extensions she may have difficulty accepting her look, and think that her natural eyelashes are shorter than before. If possible, always take a photo of your clients during their very first appointment, without eyelash extensions.

How to choose extensions that will not damage your clients’ natural eyelashes?

  1. Adapt the thickness according to that of natural eyelashes (extensions with diameters of 0.20 0.25 and more should be avoided!)
  2. Adapt the length according to that of natural eyelashes (never more than a third longer or even the same length as natural eyelashes in certain places)
  3. Do not apply extensions on baby eyelashes

How to avoid damaging your clients’ eyelashes with eyelash extensions?

  1. Follow training which will raise your awareness and give you the rules to follow to preserve the health of your eyelashes. For example, Lash MASTER training teaches you how to beautify your clients’ eyes while preserving the health of their eyelashes!
  2. Do not rush when applying the extensions, take the time to properly isolate the natural eyelashes. For this you will need good insulation pliers , which you can find on our online store.
  3. Use a glue suited to your installation style. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced, Lash Master offers glues adapted to your speed.
  4. Check at the end of application that no eyelashes are stuck to the others
  5. Do not use extensions that are too heavy.

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