Difference between Henna and eyebrow dye?

The main  difference between henna and eyebrow tint  is that when dye is used on the eyebrows, it can last up to four weeks. However, with Indian henna,  also known as henna, it is different, as it lasts longer, since it not only dyes the hair of the eyebrows, but will also dye your skin and, in it, the color can be noticed through two weeks and on eyebrow hair up to six weeks.

Differences between henna and eyebrow dye

We know that eyebrows are a very important element when it comes to your personal care and cosmetics, as they can add a great attribute to your look and face in general. Therefore, taking care of the image of your eyebrows becomes essential.

Nowadays, eyebrows can be cared for with conventional or natural products, such as henna, the latter being capable of providing great benefits. However, the technical differences between this plant and eyebrow dye are the following:

  • Henna:  This is a plant product from which you can obtain endless advantages to maintain the natural pigment that your eyebrow hair has,  in addition to offering them softness and no damage.
  • Eyebrow tint:  On the other hand, eyebrow tint can be obtained from chemicals; It is only responsible for dyeing the hair in the area to unify the tone and can give them a thicker appearance and, additionally, highlight them.

Any of the options you decide to carry out can give you a great result. If you choose the plant-based product, then you should know that it is usually used by people who also want to tint their skin, as this generates a shadow effect under the eyebrow hair and may appear to be more accentuated.

But if you choose dye, then keep in mind that this alternative is for those people who want to  dye their hair to highlight the color in a very noticeable way or to cover gray hair.  The dye option also generates a slight shadow on the skin, but it lasts less.

Considerations that you should keep in mind when using henna or eyebrow dye

As you may have noticed, the difference between henna and eyebrow dye does not seem to be more than the duration or its origin, since one is natural and the other chemical. However,  both options involve different procedures and care in their application,  we mention them below:

Henna for eyebrows

If you want to go for this service, then you should know that, when applying this plant to the eyebrows,  this hair must be completely clean.  In addition, it is important that you know that the colors offered by henna vary in light and dark tones, but only last in brown colors.

To take care of the color, it is advisable  not to scrub the area with soap and water.  Likewise, for the color to last, it is not a good idea to carry out activities that involve sweating.

eyebrow tint

Eyebrow dye will help you notice the hairs that you thought you didn’t have, as it will give volume  and definition to your eyebrows. However, before using dye, avoid exfoliating treatments; It is also not good to expose yourself to the sun two weeks before applying the dye.

To help preserve color, it is not advisable to visit places such as swimming pools or saunas .  Also, when washing your face, you should avoid getting your eyebrows wet.

Remember to choose the service that best suits your requirements and do not doubt that either of the two can be a great option to add shine to your face.


How long do henna painted eyebrows last?

From a light effect to very defined eyebrows. The treatment is completely painless and is performed after a correct eyebrow design, so the service lasts 45-60 minutes. The color lasts about 12 days on the skin and up to a month and a half on the hair .

What is it called when you paint your eyebrows with henna?

“The Henna Brow treatment is a 100% natural semi-permanent procedure that consists of defining the shape of the eyebrow and filling it in to achieve a more populated effect,” they tell us from the center specialized in eye beauty. But what advantages does it have compared to the traditional procedure?

How many times can you apply henna to your eyebrows?

How often can you apply henna to your eyebrows? It can be applied up to twice a month , letting it rest for 1 month after every 4 applications.

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