Differences between eyelash lifting and perming

Eyelash lifting and perming are two techniques used to arch the eyelashes, provide them with volume and define a more stylized aesthetic. Each one has its own mechanism to achieve the desired result. However, you need a specialist’s point of view to determine which one to apply. Furthermore, undergoing either procedure requires having the appropriate equipment and products.

At Material Estética we put at your disposal everything you need to take care of your image and that of your clients: valuable information, instruments and products from the best brands. In this new article, you will also learn the differences between eyelash lifting and perming , along with the details of each treatment. Because beautiful and impeccable eyelashes are the key for the face to radiate harmony and great beauty. Keep reading!

Eyelash lifting and perming, what are their differences?

Although the result has many similarities, eyelash lifting and perming are applied using different procedures. However, what determines which one is appropriate is the length of the eyelashes, their natural shape, and the number of hairs in the area.

Eyelash lift

This technique is part of the newest eyelash treatments . It consists of “stretching, lifting and darkening”, for which silicone patches are used that adapt to the eyelid. Also, a special permanent gel is applied, such as the Eyelash Lifting Serum with Keratin and Collagen or the Fixing and Permanent Cream . Darkening tint is only used when the eyelashes are very light. The procedure involves extending from the root, and the process can take 45 minutes or less. The effect lasts for about two months.

Eyelash perm

The perm achieves an effective curl that generates the effect of prominent curvature in the eyelashes. Self-adhesive curler , gels, styling brush and an orange stick are required . Although the best option is to opt for the complete kit that we have available at Material Estética. The procedure lasts up to 60 minutes and the result will last for one or two months, depending on the quality of the products used.

Differences between both techniques

One of the most specific differences between eyelash lifting and perming is that the former is ideal for short, straight eyelashes , while the latter works perfectly on longer ones. Another aspect to take into account is the amount of materials used. Perming requires more products to achieve the desired effect; In lifting, on the other hand, they are used less.

Both procedures are painless and, given their complexity, must be performed by a specialist. The duration of the result may not be the same. While the lifting is maintained for 8 weeks, the perm can be maintained for 4. However, the use of quality materials such as those in the Eyelash Perm Kit can prolong the result for up to 8 weeks.

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