Eyelashes fall out: what now?

our eyelashes are falling out, what to do? If you occasionally find fallen eyelashes, there is no need to panic. Eyelashes eyelashes grow in a certain hair cycle and so it is normal for your eyelashes to fall out. About one to five eyelashes per day is common. Your eyelashes have a short growth cycle. A hair of eyelashes automatically falls out after approximately 8 weeks. Then another new one grows in its place. The amount of eyelashes falling out is truly extreme. There can be different causes. We list the causes of eyelash loss and solutions for you.

Eyelashes fall out for reasons

Your eyelashes fall out regularly so that they can renew themselves. But what if you think you’re losing too many lashes? Click here to learn more about your eyelash hair cycle. Eyelash loss can have different causes. Consider a makeup routine that overloads lashes or an allergy. Below are the most common causes:

Eyelashes fall out for reasons:

  1.             Sleeping with Mascara
  2.             Several coats of mascara
  3.             Waterproof mascara
  4.             Old mascara and makeup
  5.             Careless cleaning
  6.             Rub your eyes
  7.             Eyelash curler
  8.             Allergy or physical condition
  9.             Old age
  10.             Hormonal disorders
  11.             Bad nutrition
  12.             Removing eyelash extensions
  13.             Removing false eyelashes
  14.             Do not give the eyelashes any “rest”

Eyelashes fall out due to mascara

Mascara is the favorite product to quickly give your eyes an impressive look. However, the product may cause your lashes to fall out faster due to improper application. For example, do you prefer to apply waterproof mascara? Keep in mind that this type of mascara is detrimental to the health of your eyelashes. It is best to use a waterproof mascara . This way you are well protected against a little humidity, but you can remove makeup even faster. You should always check if your mascara is still good. Old mascara can irritate your eyelashes and cause them to become inflamed, causing them to fall out faster. Do you apply multiple layers of mascara on top of each other? This also breaks the lashes and makes them fall out more quickly. Instead, use a primer for your lashes .

Are you using the eyelash curler correctly?

An eyelash curler is a very good tool for giving your eyelashes a little more curl and volume. But, are you using the eyelash curler correctly? If you use an eyelash curler, for example, after your mascara, you’re literally squeezing your eyelash hairs if the coat is too thick. Additionally, it is also not recommended to clamp your eyelashes in multiple places. This is not very good for the health of your eyelash hairs. If you want to curl your eyelashes, then curl from the base and don’t go any further.

Makeup removal routine

In addition to using the correct makeup products, your makeup removal routine also largely determines what your lashes look like. For example, do you regularly forget to clean your eyelashes before going to bed? As a result, hairs may fall out more quickly. Also, careless cleaning of your face or harsh rubbing in your eyes causes eyelashes to fall out. Do you use a cleanser that was specifically designed for your eyes? The ingredients in these products are often gentler than those for your face.

Eyelashes fall out when removing eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions give your lashes an instant boost in length and volume. There is work to be done to achieve such a result. However, never try to remove your eyelash extensions if you are tired of them . The extensions are glued to your natural eyelashes with a special glue. Stretching them or rubbing them with oil guarantees that you will remove not only the extension, but also your natural eyelash. If you wish to remove eyelash extensions, we advise you to make an appointment with your beautician. Would you like to have false eyelashes for just one party? Be very careful when applying these false eyelashes and that the glue does not get on your eyelashes.

Eyelashes fall out due to allergies or skin problems.

An allergy, hair problems or skin disease can also cause your eyelashes to become inflamed and fall out. This is obviously very embarrassing. The important thing is to find out as quickly as possible what you might be allergic to. First look at your makeup and skin care products. Did you buy new eyeliner or mascara? Or a new eye cream? Stop using the product immediately and see if the reaction subsides. You haven’t purchased any new products? Or do you find that it makes no difference whether you leave a product or not? So, this could be attributed to some factors in your environment. Visit a general practitioner or dermatologist if you suspect it is an allergy.  

Note: If you suffer from a special hair condition, it is advisable to see your doctor to find out how well your eyelashes can grow back. Since this varies from person to person, unfortunately we cannot say anything about this.

Poor diet leads to eyelash loss

A poor diet can not only cause loss or thinning of hair, but also eyebrows and eyelashes. It is therefore important to adopt a varied diet containing sufficient vitamin B and D. Vitamin D comes naturally from the sun, and vitamin B can be found, among other things, in bananas. These vitamins help improve the health of your eyelashes. In addition, you can also use an eyelash care serum. An eyelash serum supports the health of the eyelashes and protects them against external influences. This allows them to quickly reach the optimal length.

Age and hormonal disorders

Sometimes, loss of eyelashes can also come from old age or hormonal disorders. If so, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do about it. It is best to check with your doctor to see if there is a particular method of treatment if you suffer from it. This can sometimes also be caused by certain medications, ask if you are using one or more medications.

Eyelashes fall out of necessity

As you may have read, there are a number of causes that cause eyelashes to fall out faster than usual. Fortunately, for the most part, it is possible to do something about this. Below are some of the solutions:

  1.      Throw away old makeup and especially mascara
  2.      Clean your face before going to sleep
  3.      Use a special eye makeup remover to remove your mascara
  4.      Use a water-resistant mascara instead of waterproof
  5.      Use an eyelash curler before applying makeup
  6.      Do not apply layers of mascara on top of each other, use a base instead
  7.      Vary your diet with enough vitamin B and D
  8.      Use a nourishing serum for your eyelashes

Eyelashes fall out: what now?

In the article above you could read what are the common causes of eyelash loss and what you can do about it. Some solutions are easy to apply, other causes take more time or cost more time to discover the reason, such as for an allergy problem or skin condition.

So far, our tips for long eyelashes! Do you have a practical tip for making your eyelashes look fuller and longer? Don’t forget to send it to us by sending us an email. Who knows, maybe you will find your tips for long eyelashes only in this article!

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