How long does an eyebrow lift last and how often should it be done?

A popular new technique for restructuring eyebrows, brow lift is increasingly being adopted by many people. Belonging to the family of eyebrow tattoos and just like them, eyebrow lifts also have a shelf life after which they fade away. Come and discover through this article the duration of an eyebrow lift and the frequency with which it must be done again.

General information on forehead lift

Eyebrow lifting or enhancement is a method of thickening and enhancing eyebrows. The result: thicker, more voluminous, well-defined eyebrows whose movements are fixed for a long period of time. In fact, this technique presents itself as an improvement of the eyelashes during which meticulous work is carried out on the eyelashes to densify them and make them more beautiful and thicker. Since the target is the eyebrows, the work is carried out on the hairs that constitute them. Thus, during the session, the eyebrows thicken and are shaped to give them the desired shape. In the end they look much more beautiful and perfectly drawn. Unlike tattooing, microblading and others that involve the use of chemical products, eyebrow lifting is carried out with completely harmless natural products. Its results are therefore natural and long-lasting.

How long does a forehead lift last?

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Achievable on healthy skin, regardless of the color of the eyebrows, a perfectly successful eyebrow lift can last on average six weeks and around two months depending on the care each person dedicates to their eyebrows. Its results remain visible throughout this duration and its presence has no impact on the daily habits of each person. In other words, you can wash your face and perform daily facial care without affecting your drawn eyebrows. Over time and with the passage of time, the effects of eyebrow lift naturally disappear on their own. Eyebrows gradually lose their beauty and become natural again. Right now, many are wondering if they should get a brow lift again. The answer is in the next paragraph.

Lasting between six weeks and two months, the brow lift lasts long enough for people who undergo it to benefit from it. Once the time for fading has arrived, a new eyebrow lift will only be carried out when the skin is declared fit for purpose. That said, the frequency with which the eyebrow lift needs to be redone cannot be determined in a standard way. It involves analyzing the state of the skin after a session and determining whether or not it is suitable for another session. It is advisable to leave a small space of time between each eyebrow lift session to allow the skin to regenerate and regain its beauty and natural growth.

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