How to make up droopy or sad eyes?

rooping eyes have a shape that gives a tired or sad appearance to the look and face in general. Therefore, if we want to enhance them and give them more vitality, it is essential to always apply makeup with ascending strokes, not straight ones. In reality, when we talk about drooping eyes, we often mean that the fixed eyelid droops and covers the mobile eyelid, so we should actually talk about drooping eyelids. This condition can occur over the years, although it is frequently a genetic predisposition.

In addition, there are a series of tricks to make up droopy eyes that are very effective, you just have to know which cosmetics are the most suitable and flattering to correct and conceal their shape. In the following article we explain how to make up droopy or sad eyes to better balance the proportions of your eye. Let’s go there!

Moisturize your skin well

The first step before learning how to do makeup for droopy eyes is essential, because first of all you will have to prepare the contour. To do this, we recommend first passing a cotton pad with makeup remover over the eyelid, eyelashes and around the eye to remove traces of makeup or dirt from the area.

Once clean, apply an eye contour that helps hydrate the skin and, in turn, prevents and reduces the formation of wrinkles. Remember that the eyes are the most sensitive area of ​​skin on the face, so you have to take great care of them. Keep in mind, too, that extreme dryness of the skin is usually the cause of those deep wrinkles around the eyes, so a good moisturizer is essential . We also recommend that you use eye masks for wrinkles from time to time .

Apply the contour gently, giving small touches with your fingers to activate blood circulation in the area and reduce bags and dark circles. Next, apply your regular moisturizer all over your face to prepare your skin.

How to make up droopy or sad eyes - Moisturize your skin well

The next makeup step for hooded eyes will be to apply a makeup base all over your face, including your eyelids. If you can, seal the makeup with translucent powder and apply an eyeshadow primer to the mobile eyelid, as this will create a uniform tone and keep the eye makeup intact for longer.

We recommend that the foundation you choose has a matte finish, since other brighter finishes could give your look the opposite effect and further intensify the sensation of droopy and sad eyes. However, we want to point out that there are many types of eyelids. You must choose the best one for you.

Apply a foundation or concealer

Shadows for hooded eyes

If you want to know how to make up droopy and sad eyelids, pay attention to how we apply these shadows, because this trick will make a big difference . To significantly enlarge the eyes, nothing better than the cut crease , a technique that clearly marks the separation of the upper eyelid so that the mobile phone looks much larger.

  1. Take a light neutral shadow with a matte finish and apply it to the mobile and fixed eyelids. Stop when you reach the brow bone.
  2. Next, mark the crease of the upper eyelid with a darker color. The goal is to mark the eye socket with a fine brush or an eye pencil that allows you to draw the line precisely.
  3. Take a shade slightly lighter than the outline and apply it above the drawn line, blending the line a little with a brush so it looks more natural.
  4. With a cream-toned shadow, slightly darker than the first one you used, fill in your mobile eyelid, making sure not to paint over your transition shadow.

Shadows for hooded eyes

How to line hooded eyes

Is eyeliner a good idea for drooping eyelids? Of course, you just have to get the form right! Furthermore, after making the cut crease that we have shown you, or any other type of gradient, highlighting the eyes using a good black liquid eyeliner is perfect . To line the upper part of the eye, draw a thin line from the center outwards and flush with the eyelashes. If the line is not perfect, once dry you can touch it up and fill in the gaps.

The most important step to make up hooded eyes is to draw an upward corner in the final area of ​​the eyes so that it is more highlighted. To do this, when you reach the end of the eye, follow the line in a diagonal direction, taking it slightly upwards.

To lift droopy or sad eyes, another good option you can try is tightlining or invisible eyeliner , a subtle and light finish perfect for naturally enlarging your eyes. and so that you can see for yourself the abysmal difference between a drooping eyelid with invisible eyeliner and another eyelid without eyeliner, we leave you a before and after:

How to make up droopy or sad eyes - How to line droopy eyes

Apply mascara

To finish this tutorial on how to make up hooded and small eyes, apply a layer of mascara but only from the middle of the eye to the end and always with ascending strokes. Avoid applying mascara to the lower eyelashes, as you will be able to give your eyes a rounded shape, which is not favorable if you want to enhance them.

This is the best option for a natural finish, however, if you are wondering how to make up drooping eyelids and want something that is more visible, you can also opt for false eyelashes . You can place them all over the eyelid or from the center to the outside, as you prefer.

How to make up droopy or sad eyes - Apply mascara

Illuminator to enlarge the look

Although this is an optional step, at unCOMO we also recommend applying a little highlighter to bring natural light to your eyes and open them up even more. Apply a small amount of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, that is, around the tear duct, and watch how droopy eyelids automatically hide.

Blend the highlighter well so that a white stain does not show on the tear duct and… voilà! There will be no trace of droopy and small eyes.

Illuminator to enlarge the look

Other tricks to make up droopy or sad eyes

By following these steps it is possible to enhance droopy eyes and be more beautiful with a very seductive look, but, in addition, we recommend that you take into account the following tips:

  • Don’t lengthen your eyebrows : If you are going to make up your eyebrows to make them look fuller, try to maintain their natural shape instead of extending them down artificially, as that would make your eye look even more droopy and small.
  • Avoid the highlighter under the eyebrow : although it is true that many people apply the highlighter on the tear duct and under the eyebrow, in this case we recommend avoiding the second step. If you use it, you could focus your attention on the most pronounced part of the eyelid droop, and remember that what interests you is to open your gaze.
  • Prepare your eyes well : we will not tire of repeating it, and it is very important to prepare your eyes with concealer, foundation or shadow primer before applying simple makeup for drooping eyelids. In this way you will soften the shape of your eyes and be able to balance their proportions. Remember that neutral-toned shadows are the most appropriate.

You already know how to make up droopy and sad eyes, so all you have to do is practice until you perfect the technique and polish the details that best suit your specific eye shape.

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