How to prepare henna for eyebrows

Traditionally, natural henna is a powder, but there are different presentations for the various uses it is given. For this article we presents you with this guide where step by step we tell you how to prepare henna for eyebrows.

How to make homemade eyebrow henna?

If you want to prepare homemade henna you must get the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of organic henna powder.
  • 4 drops of essential oil of your choice (preferably unscented if you have sensitive skin) you can use tea tree, lavender , eucalyptus or cajeput.
  • Two tablespoons of indigo powder in a SEPARATE container
  • Distilled water (to set).
Henna Powder
Henna Powder


Indigo Powder
Indigo Powder


Essential oil
Essential oil

Preparation method:

  1. Prepare the area, clean the eyebrow and its surroundings. Let dry.
    gholdic Tip: we recommend that you apply a little cream (preferably Vaseline) around your eyebrow to avoid staining areas outside the eyebrow and to remove quickly and easily from the area.
  2. Make a mixture with henna powder, drops of essential oil of your choice and distilled water. When you have a pasty consistency (mashed potato type), cover the container with plastic film and let it rest for 6 hours.
  3. After the 6 hours have passed, prepare the indigo powder separately. To do this, put the two tablespoons of indigo in a SEPARATE container, to which you will add distilled water LITTLE BY LITTLE until you achieve a smooth consistency, not pasty, but not liquid either. Let this mixture rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. When you already have the indigo mixture, add it to your henna mixture, the color of the indigo powder will release its color immediately and will merge with the henna.
    gholdic Tip: We recommend doing a color test, you can apply a little of the color on your wrist to see what color it gives you, as this is how it will look on your eyebrows. This test will also help you know if your skin has any irritation.

How to prepare henna eyebrow dye?

If you buy a package where henna is part of the ingredients in the dye, you must have the following:

  • Professional henna dye kit. This kit contains:
    • liquid henna
    • Activator.
    • Brush (in some kits).
  • Small mixing container.
  • Brush.

Preparation method:

  1. In the container, add liquid henna, about 10 drops for each eyebrow and add 3 drops of activator. Mix it.
  2. Creates a homogeneous consistency without lumps
  3. Clean the area where you are going to apply, avoid having any trace of grease or bait.
  4. Add a little Vaseline around the contour to prevent some drops from running off and make it easier to clean.
  5. Apply to your eyebrows with the brush and wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Remove excess with cotton and avoid rubbing forcefully.
  7. Hello! Enjoy your new eyebrows.

How to choose the correct shade of henna for my eyebrows?

A fairly common question is: what type of henna color should I buy for my skin color? How light is blonde henna? How dark is black henna? If I am brunette which henna it fits me? gholdic has the answer:

  • Blonde: light skin tones.
  • Light brown: blondes and light brunettes.
  • Reddish brown: for redheads and those who prefer a warmer tint to their eyebrows.
  • Medium brown: brunettes and Mediterranean skin.
  • Dark brown: Mediterranean skin tones and darker skin types.
  • Black: Dark skin types.
gholdic Tip: A tip we can give you is that if you don’t like any of the colors, you can mix them to make it lighter or darker. You can mix several and play with the shades

How much does it cost and where to buy Henna for eyebrows

We leave you a list of where to buy all types of henna:

Henna for eyebrows
Product Brand Presentation Content Price Where to buy
Professional eyebrow henna BrowXenna Dust 20g $950 amazon
Henna for semi-permanent eyebrows J Denis Ointment 60g $ amazon
Henna eyebrow ink Parallel Products Powder/Liquid 5g $76.68 amazon
Henna eyebrow dye Hashmi Dust 2 pieces $249.99 amazon
Henna for natural eyebrows Yusibra Dust 500g $199.99 amazon
Henna Powder The Henna Guys Dust 500g $ Free market

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of henna is used for eyebrows?

There are a series of presentations, they can range from powder to professional liquid henna. It is advisable to use an exclusive product for the eyebrows and there are multiple presentations: pomade, liquid, gel.

What is the activator of henna?

Here we have two answers, henna is naturally activated with an acid base and it can be through natural ingredients such as lemon. The other is made chemically. This base makes the henna stick more.

What color henna to choose for eyebrows?

The wonderful thing about henna is that you can play with the shades, so you can mix very dark or very light as you see fit. According to experts, it is recommended that this be two shades lighter than your hair color, but you can play and see the tone that best suits you.

How long does eyebrow henna last?

There are several periods depending on the quality of the fixative. It is estimated that a minimum of two weeks, a maximum of eight.

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Thank you very much for reaching this point! We want you to know in depth this traditional art that highlights your beauty. Don’t forget to recommend us to go further! We want to know your opinion: How do you prepare the henna? Is there any other tip that helps fix the henna? Respond in the comments section, your experience is very important to our community.

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