How to remove permanent nail polish with and without acetone

More and more men and women care about taking care of themselves and like to have permanent manicures , but what happens when the nails start to grow and no longer look so pretty? Is it possible to learn how to remove permanent nail polish? Without a doubt, and we are going to teach you.

Although you may not believe it, beauty is also found in beautiful and cared for hands and feet, and although it is not necessary to always have a manicure done so that our beauty stands out, it is essential to keep these areas of our body cared for and hydrated so that they look pretty.

How to remove permanent nails?

As a general rule, we usually go to a specialized center to remove the permanent manicure, since it is important to do this correctly so that our nails (both hands and feet) are not damaged.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that we must carry out this procedure carefully and using quality products . This process can take a long time, so we must choose a time of day when we can do it calmly and without rushing

Products needed to remove permanent nail polish

Below we are going to show you a list of the products you need to carry out this polish removal.

●        Nail file

●         Remover liquid (Sopolish Remove)

●         Cotton pads

●         Hand mask

●         Hand serum

●         Aluminum foil

Enamel removal process

First of all, make sure that the area you will use to carry out this process is prepared, that is, put yourself in a place that will not be damaged if liquids are spilled or prepare it with some plastic or absorbent paper.

The first thing we will use will be the file directly on the enamel , it will acquire porosity and its removal will be easier. Give it the time you need for the enamel to lose its shine.

To take care of our hands, once we finish with the file we must protect our cuticles with the hand mask, which will create a moisturizing film that will protect us from the nail polish remover.

Next we will take a cotton pad and apply our remover liquid to it and then rub, place that cotton on our nail and wrap it with the aluminum foil, to let it take effect and remove the polish. After doing this we must wait 10 minutes for the product to act correctly.

After waiting this period of time, we will remove the cotton and the aluminum foil. We can remove the remains of polish that remain adhered to the nail using a new cotton pad impregnated with nail polish remover , which we will rub on the remains that remain, or with the help of a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.

Final hydration

Once we have removed all the permanent polish from our nails, it is important that we remove any trace of nail polish remover. Carefully wash your hands with warm water and neutral pH soap until any residue is removed, after which dry them properly and then use our powerful repair serum.

When we remove our permanent polish, our nails can appear more fragile , which is why it is of utmost importance that you complete the step of moisturizing with a quality serum. In addition, we recommend that you use a nutritious butter daily that helps you keep your nails and hands healthy, strong and deeply hydrated.

Expert beauty professionals

We hope that you have learned in a simple way how to remove permanent nail polish at home, but if, on the other hand, you prefer to do it in a specialized center or you do not have the necessary products and you urgently need to remove your permanent nail polish, do not hesitate to book your appointment at our beauty centers located in Madrid , Cangas and Vigo .

Taking care of your nails is very important, so we recommend that you always keep them cared for and hydrated

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