The first thing to know is that micropigmentation is NOT a tattoo, it is the evolution of the tattoo and differs in this way:

  1. Durability: The tattoo lasts for life, although micropigmentation lasts about 2 years. For this reason microblading is the best solution. Following the trend of the moment, these things can be creepier, more delicate, more made up or more natural.
  2. Pigment used: When using tattoos, the dye, which has a large molecular composition, is one of the reasons for those that last a lifetime, the dye cannot be removed from the skin and over time it will change color. For microblading we instead use specialized micropigments that have small molecular weights. This means that it can be easily eliminated from the body, which is why the time until damage will be declared.
  3. Application depth: To implant the dye in the creation of a tattoo, it is necessary to remove the third part of the skin, which could cause significant trauma. In the case of micropigmentation, the pigment is applied to the skin primer, with a delicate technique that allows it to be affected as little as possible.
  4. Result: The tattoo tends to be very solid and will fade over the years if it changes color (red, green, dark, etc.). The result of micropigmentation is very natural and will allow you to have hair and darkening effects on many occasions.

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These are the differences between micropigmentation and tattooing. Times have changed for good and microblading has calmed down again. Here’s a few more things about this semi-permanent makeup technique? Our spell will be resolved in the comments.