Makeup for Photoshoot: Tips to Look Perfect

If you are looking for tips to make your Photoshoot makeup look perfect, you are in the right post. And surely on more than one occasion you have attended an important event with perfect makeup, but when it comes to seeing the photos of that day your makeup looks different: it looks less intense than it was and it is possible that the Colors have nothing to do with reality.

This can also happen to you when taking selfies or if you are starting to take photos of your makeup to share on social networks. It is completely normal for these things to happen, and for makeup for Photoshoot, if you want it to look perfect, you have to follow a series of tips that we are going to give you today. Pay attention!

6 tricks for makeup for photoshoot

Avoid the Casper effect

The so-called “casper effect” is what happens when in photographs where flash has been used we see our face much whiter than the rest of the body. This effect occurs when the products you have applied to your face contain sun protection or any mineral element, as they bounce the flash and produce that dreaded whitish effect.

The solution is easy: try to avoid foundations with sun protection, as well as mineral products in all your Photoshoot makeup. If the photos are not going to be taken with flash (because they are in daylight, for example), you will not have problems with this whitish effect.

Say NO to white circles

Another common problem is white circles under the eyes, an effect that is quite unflattering. As with the peeling effect, flash will whiten your dark circles if you use a very thick layer of translucent powder or if you use a mineral concealer.

Similarly, avoid using concealers that are too light for your skin in photography makeup: choose one that is, at most, one shade lighter than your foundation color. Apply it in the shape of an inverted triangle towards the nose, to achieve a more beautiful effect.

Do not use foundations that are too bright

There’s nothing wrong with using a satin foundation that leaves a nice “glow” effect on the skin, but make sure it’s not too shiny or mattify it a little with powder. This will prevent your makeup from looking greasy in photos.

Prevents the face from looking flat

To prevent your skin from looking flat and dimensionless in Photoshoot makeup, use bronzer, highlighter, and contour. These three products will help you highlight your features and make your makeup look much prettier in photos. A little bronzer will help achieve a warm makeup, contour powder will give you structure, and highlighter will highlight specific points.

Don’t forget the eyebrows

Applying makeup to your eyebrows is always important when doing your makeup, but if you want perfect Photoshoots you should pay even more attention to it. If you have holes, fill them with a pencil, gel or powder. And fix them with a gel to comb them and make them look perfect. Eyebrows are very, very important in makeup for photography.

Your makeup has to be more intense

In photography, makeup tends to look, in general, less intense than it really is. The eyeshadows look less vibrant, the face looks flatter and in general all the makeup looks less.

That is why it is important that you keep in mind that, if you are going to do a Photoshoot session or selfies of your makeup, you give it more intensity than normal. Although it may look too intense in person, it will look perfect in photography.

Very important: this is not valid for makeup that you are going to wear outside, especially if it will be in daylight. Excessive makeup is not pretty either and… you don’t want to look like a Picasso painting!


What kind of makeup looks best on camera?

Start your camera-ready makeup with light-diffusing concealers and foundations. These products work by bouncing light, causing a “blurring” effect that minimizes imperfections and shine. If you have access to it, airbrush makeup will give you a subtle glow without looking “shiny”.

What type of base is best for photographs?

Generally, any product advertised as “HD” is a safe choice as it will have been designed specifically for use in front of the camera. The original (and most used) product in the category is Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation.

Why isn’t my makeup visible in the photos?

One possible explanation is that the lighting conditions in which you take your photos differ from the lighting conditions in which you do your makeup . For example, natural lighting can make your makeup appear less visible on camera because it doesn’t reflect as much light as artificial lighting.


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