Natural Wedding Makeup for Brunettes

There is a common mistake when it comes to considering wedding makeup: white skin is often given more importance than brunettes. Wrong! We should all choose well what kind of foundation fits our skin color, whatever it is. Today, we talk about Natural Wedding Makeup for Brunettes. Take notes!

The most important thing is to feel good about the look you choose for one of the most important days of your life. And when we talk about the look, we mean everything. From the dress, to the shoes, to the hair, to the face. Everything counts when it comes to a wedding and it is useless to choose a great dress if you have not taken into account the makeup.

If you are not used to or are not very fond of the world ‘make up’, it is always advisable to consult with professionals who will advise you according to your features, skin tone … All features can be taken advantage of if you use a makeup that enhances. And not only women with fair complexions, brunettes are also included.

But just in case, as we want you to make the most of your beauty and shine with your own light on your wedding day, at LSC, we talk about bridal makeup for brunettes. Are you ready? It’s for you!

Makeup for brunettes, step by step

  1. Cleansing and preparation of the skin. Before starting with the make-up, it is necessary to have a clean skin. Then, it is convenient to apply a moisturizing cream according to the type of skin and a lifting ampoule that will diminish the marks of wrinkles.
  2. Make-up base. It is best to choose a color very similar to your skin tone. It should not be too dark to avoid a mask effect and make-up being too noticeable. It is better to use a fluid foundation so that the result is more natural.
  3. Concealer. This step is always very close to the previous one. Apply the concealer with small touches, blend it with a damp sponge and integrate it with the foundation. And so on until it is well blended.
  4. Shadows. The most popular: smokey-eyes with brown shadows combined with gold and vanilla to give light to features with dark skin and light eyes. One way to highlight is to mix browns at one end of the eye with a lighter shade at the tear trough. Pink, green and blue tones also tend to highlight the features. Keep in mind that if intense eye shadows are applied, very natural colors should be added to the lips to balance the makeup for brunettes so that it does not look exaggerated.
  5. Eyeliner. This is the key to highlighting the eyes. But, as with the shadows, depending on the shape and size of the eye, a more or less marked eyeliner will do. If you opt for an upper and lower eyeliner, it is recommended that the shadows are lighter. This is the ideal option for dark-haired women.
  6. Blushers. Pink tones are the best. Nothing too exaggerated. Something that highlights the cheekbones but does not exaggerate them. It is preferable that, when applying them, they are blended with a large brush so that the result is natural.
  7. Lips. There must be harmony between the eyes and lips. Therefore, if the eyes stand out too much, it is better to use a lipstick in nude tones and add a little gloss. Browns and pinks are also good allies but always in soft tones. If they are also long-lasting and moisturizing lipsticks, all the better.

And that’s it! You already know what Natural Wedding Makeup for Brunettes looks like… You don’t have to choose anything that makes you feel dressed up… At your wedding the important thing is that you enjoy and be yourself… Naturalness wins every time. Of course, in your improved version!

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