Step-by-step guide to Natural Makeup for brunettes

Dark skin has the advantage of having a beautiful color that is very flattering. But with the help of makeup it looks even more radiant.

If you are looking for a natural makeup, trend in recent years, the goal is to enhance the skin, without showing that you are wearing makeup, but with a luminous result and with a good face effect.

Natural make-up for dark skin

To make the most of your dark skin take note of our tips:

Cleanse and moisturize your skin

Always the first step to achieve a perfect makeup has to be the preparation of the skin. To do this, cleanse and moisturize your face with a cream suitable for your skin type. Do not forget to moisturize the eye contour.

Use a foundation that matches your skin tone

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, neither lighter nor darker. The foundation will help you to even out your skin tone and look more even and radiant.

If your skin is oily, opt for a product with a matte finish; on the other hand, if your skin is dry, choose a moisturizing foundation.

Bronzing powder for contouring

One way to make up dark skin is to go for contouring with bronzing powders. It is a makeup that especially favors these skins, and with which you will get a perfect look.

Apply the powder with a thick brush drawing a 3, which should start at the temples, down the cheekbones and ends at the chin.

Little blusher

For dark skins, it is not necessary to use a lot of blusher, although you can add a touch on the cheeks, choosing peach tones.

Highlighter, don’t miss it

Highlighter is a good ally for dark skins, because it gives them a more radiant look.

Brown shadows

Although you can use other tones, if you are looking for a natural makeup, go for shades of brown and beige, very flattering for dark skin.

If you are doing your makeup for a daytime event, choose lighter shades. If it is for an evening event, you can opt for a smoky eye makeup in brown tones.

Don’t forget to apply mascara to deepen the look.

The best lipstick: nude

A nude or beige lipstick is perfect for a natural makeup look. Choose one with a creamy finish.

Natural eye makeup for dark skin

Natural eye makeup for dark skin

In addition to shadows in brown and earth tones, which are perfect for dark skin, you can apply eye makeup in other ways.

Brown eyeliner

Use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw a discreet eyeliner to give your eyes more depth. Line flush with the upper lashes with a slight crease, if you want a natural makeup look. You can also paint the waterline.

XXL Lashes

Another way to highlight your look, but with a natural finish, is to leave the eyelids natural, and enhance the eyelashes. Use a curler as a first step and then choose a mascara that lengthens, curves and adds density. Another option is to use false eyelashes.

Golden shadows

For the evening, gold shadows look great on dark skin. For a more natural result, use a single shade, applied on the eyelid.

Defined eyebrows

Eyebrows are always essential for a perfect beauty look. If you want a natural look, apply a little mascara and define your eyebrows. With a pencil of the same color as your hair, make your eyebrows the center of attention.

Peach eyeshadow

You can also choose shades in peach tones to get a natural and very flattering eye makeup for dark skin.

Natural evening makeup for dark skin

Natural night makeup for dark skin

For evening make-up, for dark skin, we recommend two options: to enhance the eyes and the lips.

If you want to enhance the look: go for shadows in earth tones, green, gold with a slight smoky look. Use brown eyeliner to frame the look and achieve a more natural finish than with black. As a final touch: apply mascara and brow gel.

If you want to enhance the mouth: choose a brown matte lipstick. Moisturize your lips beforehand so they don’t crack and use a lip primer to smooth the skin and make it last longer.

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