How to remove henna from eyebrows? Saving eyebrows after a failure when dyeing them with henna

How to remove henna from eyebrows

The plan seemed to be simple: treat your eyebrows with henna and look beautiful. Unfortunately, the result obtained is far from satisfactory… the eyebrows are too dark or – what is worse – the color is uneven. Is it possible to remove henna from the eyebrows? Learn some ways that will help you escape unscathed … Read more



Eyebrow tinting is a widespread practice for filling in sparse lines, marking eyebrows or simply perfecting restructuring. Henna is a natural, affordable solution! How do you use it? We tell you all about it. Marked, clean, full eyebrows are all the rage. While semi-permanent make-up methods are in full swing, so are eyebrow restructuring and … Read more

Microblading or henna eyebrow design: Which one to choose?

Microblading or henna eyebrow design

Looking in the mirror and seeing perfect eyebrows every day sounds impossible, but it is not. We have numerous techniques to achieve this. Among them are microblading and henna eyebrow design . Both are treatments to define and style your eyebrows. But there are numerous differences between them. In this article, we are going to buy them so you can choose the right … Read more

Side effects of henna on hair: what you should know

Side effects of henna on hair

Henna is a natural dye that has been used for centuries to color hair and skin. Unlike chemical dyes, henna does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair. However, as with any hair product, there are some side effects of henna that you should be aware of before using it. Can henna cause skin allergies? Yes, … Read more

Quick Tips to Learn How to Remove Henna from Eyebrows in a Safe and Effective Way

Remove Henna from Eyebrows

Have you applied henna dye to your eyebrows but now you regret it? Don’t worry, we explain how to remove henna from eyebrows safely and quickly. In this article we will explain the most effective methods to remove henna dye from your eyebrows safely, without damaging or irritating your skin. In addition, we will also explain all the precautions … Read more

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