Makeup for Photoshoot: Tips to Look Perfect

Makeup for Photoshoot

If you are looking for tips to make your Photoshoot makeup¬†look perfect, you are in the right post.¬†And surely on more than one occasion you have attended an important event with perfect makeup, but when it comes to seeing the photos of that day your makeup looks different: it looks less intense than it was … Read more

Is Microblading worth it: Everything you need to know

Is Microblading worth it

Microblading is a revolutionary technique to have perfect eyebrows. Worth? Absolutely! Forget about filling in your eyebrows daily, Microblading will give you a natural and long-lasting look. Highlight your look with impeccable eyebrows and forget about daily makeup! Microblading Eyebrows PR tells you everything about this wonderful technique. Is Eyebrow Microblading worth it? Discover everything … Read more