Do you know the 5 types of drying?


When we think of drying, we often think of the stars of the 80s with their XXL volume. However, this is simplistic because there are many other brushings!

In fact, brushing your hair means shaping wet hair, strand by strand, to achieve more volume and a beautiful shine. And there are several ways to do it!

Asking for a blow-dry at the hairdresser or doing one yourself like a professional is easy after reading this article!

1. Smooth drying

It’s timeless, a sure bet for hairstyles! We like it because it is elegant and can be made on all types of lengths.

It’s about getting straight hair, without the frizz coming out, but you can do it without a straightener. This brushing is quite simple to do but takes a little time!

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The first thing to do is pre-dry your hair, rub it gently with a towel, preferably microfibre. Hair should be damp but not soaked.

You then need to carefully untangle them with a comb and then apply a smoothing milk which must be heat-protective so as not to burn your hair.

Finally, the last phase of the preparatory work, we divide the hair into several sections: we fix the locks waiting to be brushed with pliers.

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We take the hairdryer keeping in mind that it must never be too close to the hair, we respect a distance of about 5 cm.

We start from the nape of the neck: we wrap the lock around the round brush and let it slide, from root to tip, blowing hot air on it, then we proceed in the same way lock by lock.

It is often necessary to go over each strand several times so that it absorbs the movement. Finally, fix the styling with a thin layer of hairspray or a polishing oil if you like the American-style shiny effect.

2. Dry the curls with the hairdryer

It is the most glamorous hairstyle and it is not for nothing that we often see it at weddings. On long hair, the cascade of curls is superb but it also looks great on a bob!

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This blow-dry will enhance your curls and provide a true star-like Hollywood effect! The technique requires some experience but with the right tools you can do it!

Here too we start by absorbing the excess water and then carefully detangle.

We then coat the hair with a treatment that is both hydrating and heat-protective. Let’s separate the hair into several parts, it’s a little boring but this is what will give a sophisticated look.

It’s then a matter of wrapping each strand around the round brush, outwards, then directing the hairdryer at it so that it takes shape. We unroll ourselves delicately then move on to the next lock.

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Once all the hair has been worked, we blow cold air to fix the movement and finish with a veil of hairspray.

The other option, effective and practical, is to wind the locks on curlers. We blow a little cold air and leave it to act for about ten minutes before gently releasing the hedgehog.

If you want a large curl, choose a large curler, but for a tight effect choose a small curler.

3. Wavy drying

The wavy/wavy blow dry has been a hit among beautystas for a while!

Medium length or long hair, the beach effect is for you! It’s also great if you’re wearing a shade.

This flexible crease owes its success to its very natural, and even a little blurry, appearance!

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Here we pre-dry the hair, upside down, to maximize volume. We then apply a texturizing spray to give the hair some body.

Scoop: if you don’t have a special wave spray on hand, just mix warm water and a few pinches of salt to reproduce the sea water effect, unbeatable in price!

We wrap the lock around the brush towards the outside of the face then direct the air flow towards the brush and untwist the lock, that is, twisting it on itself.

Finish by tilting your head forward to reinforce the effect of the movement. Also in this case we fix with a thin layer of hairspray.

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Another possibility when you are in a hurry, twist the lengths together, direct the hairdryer on them and that’s it. The bellows brush is also a good idea to go faster.

4. The style with the hairdryer

Born in the 70s, this elegant hairdryer already had many admirers. In the 90s we swore it and for some time now… it’s coming back into fashion!

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This dryer requires minimal length and matches perfectly with the curtain fringe.

The flip dryer is a smooth drying that involves curling the ends inwards of the face or outwards.

We proceed as for a smooth styling, just, at the end, curl the tip, in the desired direction, with the round brush, positioning the hairdryer on top to fix the curvature.

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Dry inside or dry outside, don’t hesitate to embellish it with a barrette or two or a ponytail to reinforce the old school look!

5. Voluminous drying

This is suitable for everyone and guarantees a wow effect, both on short and long hair! The idea here is to maximize volume while remaining flexible.

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We optimize your possibilities and the duration of the hold by relying on a volumizing shampoo, pre-drying upside down and applying a dollop of volumizing mousse.

It’s then a matter of sliding the round brush under the strand and blow drying upwards to loosen the roots. Once your hair is dry, spray it for a flawless result.

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