What to do when your nail breaks in half and how to fix it

More and more people care about showing off beautiful hands and feet with a perfect manicure. But what to do when you break a nail in half? It can be a real nightmare to have an event, know how you want to decorate your nails, and have one suddenly break.

It is a problem, since, especially if we have long nails, if one breaks in half it is something that will be extremely noticeable. But don’t worry, if you have come to this article it is because you need a solution and at Estética Premium we are going to give it to you.

Grab a pen and paper and write down all these good tips.

Tricks to repair a broken nail

An important event and bam, you break one of your nails. What can you do? Well, follow these tips and get your luxury manicure back:

Use glue

A glue adapted for nails can solve this big problem and ensure that no one notices that your nail is broken.

You should know that to apply this trick, your nail must not have completely broken, but rather the typical annoying crack will have formed that predicts a complete breakage of your nail.

To overcome this situation you must properly file your nail, filing the surface with a quality file.

Next you should apply two thin coats of the glue and this way the crack will be strengthened. If you want to enhance the hardness of your nail you can apply a transparent polish, or if on the contrary you want to continue showing off a perfect manicure, you can apply a colored polish and no one will notice your breakage.

Artificial nails

To big troubles, big solutions. In case you don’t know what to do when a nail breaks completely in half, you can use false nails.

There are many models that you can apply in your own home, since the treatment is simple: you simply apply a special glue for that purpose and add the false nail on top.

With a touch of colored polish, you will have a very natural finish and no one will notice your split nail.

Trendy trick: Tea bag

You’ve probably heard of this trick when you think about what to do when your nail breaks in half, and it’s a method that has become very important on the Internet.

It is simple and we will need to use the nail glue again, which we will apply to our crack, and then add a small piece of a tea bag, then you will only have to file the nail and polish it. A spectacular result.

What we must warn you is that this method is for a specific occasion, since its maintenance is very complicated and it is an immediate but short-term solution.

Nail Filler Powder

Finally, it will be the most durable option and it is very simple to make, since we will only have to apply our glue and add the filling powder.

Go to aesthetic professionals

After presenting these home remedies that you can do at home, we want to remind you that a professional beauty center can help you improve your manicure by applying artificial gel, porcelain or acrylic nails.

At Estética Premium we have specialized centers in Madrid , Cangas and Vigo, where you can make your appointment and get your perfect manicure for the event you want.

Now that you know what to do when your nail breaks in half, we also want to offer you some tips to avoid this, don’t miss them.

Tricks for strong and healthy nails

It is important to know these little tricks that will help you have healthier and more beautiful nails, in addition to being able to prevent possible inopportune breakages.

Good nutrition

It is crucial for the health and hardness of your nails that you feed yourself correctly, to provide them with all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and harden.


Another vital point that we always want to emphasize is that hands and nails must always be kept completely hydrated, as this helps us not only have them soft and beautiful, but also healthy.

It is important to apply cuticle oil and nourishing butters that provide all the necessary nutrition to your nail, in addition to hand creams.

You must be aware that nails face soaps and chemicals and if we do not keep them cared for they can lose their shine and health.

Enamel Nail polish

Nail polish will help your nails stay harder and enjoy a layer that protects them from external agents. There are brands like ProNails that have designed polishes that protect the nail and take care of it.

With these polishes it is not necessary to have rest periods, so you can always have your nails beautiful and colorful.

Also, don’t miss this post where we tell you what you should do to achieve long nails.

Don’t use your nails as tools

It is a mistake that we all tend to make, using our nails to open packages, tear things or even open a can of soda.

You should know that this is fatal for your nail , since with that constant pressure it will begin to weaken and end up breaking.

Even if you wear nail polish, avoid using your nails as a tool at all costs.

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