Can i Use BB Cream Instead of Foundation?

There are so many products for the complexion, and it’s easy to get lost! Here’s a quick guide to help you find your way around.

Which complexion products are suitable for which skin types, for which uses, and are they compatible with each other? I’ll explain it all to you!

Complexion products: what use for what type of product?

Let’s take a look at the basics to help you find your way around.

Moisturising cream

You know what a moisturiser is: it’s there to hydrate and/or nourish your skin. It can also be tinted, in which case it’s often lighter than a foundation and less covering.

BB cream

A BB cream is a product that does just about everything at once, somewhere between a moisturiser and a foundation. It evens out skin tone without really covering it, moisturises the skin and protects it from external aggressors.

What’s more, it often contains an SPF: sun protection!


The main purpose of a foundation is to prepare your skin for foundation and make it last longer.

There are bases that cater for lots of different needs, so it’s important to target what you’re looking for before buying one.

Some can be used on their own because they even out skin tone, while others add a glow to foundation…


As with foundations, you can choose from a wide range of looks! Choose one that’s right for you. Are you looking for coverage? Radiance? Or just more even-toned skin?



In around fifty years, foundation has become an essential part of the beauty ritual for many. But if it has invaded all makeup bags over time, it has continued to reinvent itself to offer an incredible range of colors and textures whose objective is to best adapt to all skin tones. In the same dynamic, lighter and enhanced care alternatives, such as the essential BB cream and CC cream, have appeared in order to further broaden this palette and meet the needs of all skin types.
Each of these formulas, offering a different level of coverage and benefits, can be used alone or combined for some . Let’s take a closer look. 🙂


Two main differences distinguish BB cream from foundation: the level of coverage and the care provided.
Foundation is the best covering solution: it completely camouflages imperfections. Thicker than BB cream, the foundation has very good hold but requires careful application to avoid the “mask” effect and possible demarcations.
Conversely, a BB cream  can be applied as a simple moisturizer. It indeed offers a much lighter texture without neglecting the level of coverage! Rich in pigments, it adapts perfectly to the color of the skin and leaves a natural finish with a guaranteed “peach skin” effect! Enriched with moisturizing agents and powerful active ingredients, it combines makeup with care to sublimate the complexion by a snap and maintain skin health day after day.
Some BB Creams, may even contain anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid or niacinamide to treat acne and reduce breakouts. imperfections.


CC cream is also a hybrid product, half treatment, half complexion. Even lighter in texture than BB cream, it can be used both as an alternative to the latter (or to foundation) with a natural “bare skin” effect finish, or as a complexion corrector under BB cream or foundation. face powder.

The different CC creams  are in fact generally colored according to the principle of primary colors which oppose each other. For example, CC Creams incorporating green pigments are particularly suitable for unifying hyperpigmentation and redness; CC creams with purple pigments will brighten up the dullest skin. Thanks to their compositions incorporating skin care, they can also soothe and act on imperfections to enhance the complexion with each application.


Do you want to enhance your skin without using a tinted cream? Try Skin Hero  ! A perfecting treatment for untinted bare skin that visibly restores radiance to your skin from the first application, while improving its quality and texture day after day.
In just 7 days, irregularities are smoothed, skin texture is refined and the complexion becomes more even.

Which complexion products are best for my skin type?

Complexion products, like all cosmetics, need to be adapted to your skin type.

For oily and combination skin

If your skin tends to be oily, opt for matte textures for foundation products and avoid silicone-filled bases.

They may look pretty on the skin when you apply them, but they can accentuate shine during the day and, above all, clog your pores.

A BB cream can look great even on oily skin, as long as it’s not too rich!

It can be a good compromise for combination skin, as it remains light on shiny areas while protecting the slightly dry parts of your face.

For dry skin

Dry skin needs to be well prepared to receive foundation, otherwise it risks marking all the dry, dehydrated areas of the face.

That’s why I recommend applying a cream or oil to nourish your skin.

You can add a base before your foundation: choose a moisturising one rather than a mattifying one.

As for foundation, you can opt for luminous finishes, and even add a drop of vegetable oil to make them a little richer. It makes for a really pretty look!

Which complexion products are compatible with each other?

The big question is what can be worn together and what can’t? Are certain complexion products totally incompatible?

In fact, it also depends on your skin type!

If you have blemish-free skin that’s not too reactive, you can pretty much combine your different products without too much trouble. The most common order is moisturiser, foundation, foundation.

After that, you’re free to skip a step, but I’d advise you to always moisturise your skin. It will thank you, I promise.

BB cream can be added to a moisturiser, even though their skincare effects are pretty much the same.

If you’re really lacking in moisture but have oily skin (yes, it’s possible), you can apply a serum first. This will be thinner than a cream under your BB cream.

A base can be applied under the BB cream, but personally I find it less useful than under a foundation because the primary objective of a BB cream is not the same as that of a foundation.

Complexion products: finding your way around at last

Let’s sum it all up!

Basically, to understand what to use, in what order and with what other type of product, the key is to know what you want.

Combining several creamy products will provide your skin with nutrition. This is advisable if you have dry skin, but should be avoided if you have oily skin.

In all cases, moisturise your skin well with at least one serum or cream (even a light one, if you’re worried about shine) before applying make-up.

And as always, the best thing to do is test what suits your skin! If you find that at the end of the day your skin is as dry as an old fart, it’s because your products aren’t rich enough.

If they make you shine like a disco ball, they’re not really suited to your skin either! Try different things, in different ways, and you’ll eventually find what suits you!

So, are you more into bare skin perfector, CC cream, BB cream or foundation? 🙂 And how do you apply your different complexion products to your face? leave a comment ♥


1 – BB Cream replaces moisturiser

TRUE and FALSE. While the hydration provided by a BB Cream may be sufficient for combination to oily skin, it is not enough for dry skin, which needs a much richer, nourishing moisturiser: it is therefore essential to use a moisturising day cream as a first layer, under the BB Cream.

2 – BB Cream replaces foundation

TRUE. And that’s the primary function of BB Cream: to even out the complexion evenly and naturally without the need to apply foundation, which can be too covering and comedogenic (it clogs pores if not impeccably removed). You can also use BB Cream as a foundation before applying foundation.

3 – BB Cream is not suitable for sensitive skin

FALSE. Sensitive skin, mature skin, oily skin… BB Creams are suitable for all skin types, you just need to choose the right one. BB Creams can also be used to combat everyday skin problems such as dullness, imperfections, wrinkles or spots.

4 – BB Cream protects against the sun

TRUE. BB Cream contains sun filters to protect skin from the sun. But beware: the protection is generally not sufficient for prolonged exposure to the sun on the beach in summer, for example. It’s better suited to city outings, and needs to be applied regularly to be fully effective.

5 – BB Cream is difficult to remove make-up from

FALSE. BB Crème can be easily removed like any other make-up product such as foundation, powder or blush. Cleansing oil, cleansing milk, make-up remover wipes… any product on the market will do the trick to remove traces and residues of BB Cream.

6 – All BB Creams are the same

FALSE. If there are several BB Cream formulations, each dedicated to different uses, it’s because they’re not all the same. So, to optimise the properties and results of each one, choose your own according to what you’re looking for.

7 – BB Cream was originally used to camouflage cosmetic scars

TRUE. As is often the case when it comes to beauty innovations, BB Cream comes straight from Korea, where young women preferred it to other, overly-covering products to preserve the paleness of their complexion and camouflage the after-effects of cosmetic procedures such as peels or lasers.

8 – The colour of BB Cream is universal

TRUE and FALSE: Thanks to its “chameleon” pigments, BB Cream blends perfectly with the natural colour of your skin tone. In this sense, it can be said to be universal. However, there are several different shades of BB Cream, so it’s best to choose a product that’s closest to your skin tone.

9 – BB Cream and tinted cream are the same thing

FALSE. There’s a fine line between tinted cream and BB Cream, but the two products are not exactly the same. A tinted moisturiser is a skincare product before a make-up product, and is richer than a BB Cream, which can be applied after a day cream if required.

10 – BB Cream prevents premature skin ageing

TRUE. While specific BB Creams (for mature skin, for example) can be anti-ageing and therefore prevent premature ageing of the skin, the most basic BB Creams also play a role in this phenomenon because they are, at the very least, moisturising… and it’s a well-known fact that moisturising is the primary weapon for activating cell renewal and combating ageing.

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