Does micropigmentation make eyebrows fall out?

If you want to get microblading, you may be wondering: Does micropigmentation make your eyebrows fall out? In this article we will help you resolve this question.

The first thing you should know is that micropigmentation consists of applying pigment to the first layer of the skin to simulate the effect of fuller eyebrows. The hair follicle is deeper than where the pigment is deposited.

So, Does microblading make eyebrows fall out?

The answer is no, micropigmentation does not damage or knock out eyebrow hairs. Since neither the needle nor the pigment harm the growth of existing hair or its roots, your eyebrows will be safe with this procedure.

Does eyebrow hair fall out?

If you have had microblading and notice hair loss, you should keep in mind that eyebrow hairs have a life cycle of 2 months, however they give room for the growth of new hair after this time. However, the density of eyebrow hairs can decline over time due to age, hormonal problems, anxiety, stress, health deficiencies, scarring or excessive plucking.

For this reason, micropigmentation is the best option to make your eyebrows look fuller, defined and designed. In addition, it does not make eyebrow hair fall out.

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