How to Perform American Capsule Installation?

What is American Capsule placement?

, quick technique for adding length to natural nails with a rounded effect, avoiding difficult shaping work. American Gel Capsules are attached to the natural nails, just behind the cuticles, by a gel base coat and therefore have greater adhesion strength than traditional capsule applications.

How long does the installation of American capsules take?

American capsules take

Since American Soft Gel Capsules are placed on nails using the strong adhesion of a gel base coat, this application can last 3 to 4 weeks, according to Gelish. Your client’s adherence will of course have an impact on the durability of your American Capsules application. 

Starter Kit: Installation of American Capsules

For a successful installation of American Capsules, the choice of good material is essential, which is why we have prepared the list of necessary materials for you: 

  • Flesh pusher gouge (€4.90 at promanicure)
  • Buffer/polishing block (€1.20 at promanucure)
  • Nubond Primer – optional (€19.90 at promanucure)
  • American Gel Capsules Kit (€18.90 at promanucure)
  • Gel base – press on (complete kit for €29.90)
  • Special Blue Lamp American UV/LED Capsules (€19.90 at promanucure)
  • File 180 min (pack of 25 files for €25)
  • Traditional, long-lasting or permanent varnish ( color catalog ) 
  • No wipe top coat (€19.90 at promanucure)

Step by Step: American Pose

Step by Step American Pose

Nail preparation:

  1. Disinfect your hands and nails.

  2. Push back the cuticles and lightly file (mattify) the surface of the nail to help with grip.

  3. Clean off any dust on the nail surface using your cleanser . Let dry.

  4. Select the right size of American Capsules based on nail shape and finger size. Make sure the sides of the capsule cover both sides of the nail. This step is essential for the success of your installation.

  5. Mat the internal part of the capsule in contact with the natural nail using the Emeri tip (surface equivalent to your nail).

  6. Dust the inside of the capsule so as not to create detachments.

  7. Apply the primer.

Application of American Capsules:

Application of American Capsules

  1. Apply a thin base coat to your nails and cure under LED/UV lamp.

  2. Place a drop of base on the sanded part of the capsule.

  3. Place the capsule on your nail, very close to the cuticle, and press lightly, dodging any air bubbles. If the base overflows, you can wipe it with a brush.

  4. Cure the nail and its capsule under the mini UV/LED USB lamp for 30 seconds.

  5. Repeat these steps all over the nails. 

  6. Once the complete hand is finished, Catalize the whole thing for 1 minute in your UV/LED lamp

  7. File and refine the capsule to achieve the desired shape.

  8. Mat the surface of the capsule with the block or buffer.

  9. Apply permanent/traditional varnish, in 1 or 2 coats.

  10. Finalize with a top coat.

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