Are your eyebrows too thick, too thin or not well defined enough? The solution is then to adopt the right actions to pluck your eyebrows correctly. How to proceed in practice to restore a harmonious line to your eyebrows and balance your look? There are several methods to achieve this. NUOO gives you advice on how to properly pluck your eyebrows  and what hair removal treatments to use.

Eyebrow waxing: why it’s complicated

In reality, structuring your eyebrow line is not as simple as it seems. You must indeed follow several steps, in particular the first which consists of preparing to wax your eyebrows.

You also need to choose the right thickness for your eyebrows and adapt their shape to your face. This is to give them a natural shape and reshape your look with taste. Knowing how to properly pluck your eyebrows is an art. Either you decide to pluck your eyebrows alone, or you can call a professional.

The beautician can then offer you eyebrow restructuring. This involves creating a pretty line that matches your eyes and the shape of your face. The beautician should take measurements of the arch of each eyebrow at the beginning and end to create a perfectly well-defined line.

Regular eyebrow maintenance

Regular eyebrow maintenance

Regular maintenance of your eyebrows involves maintaining their shape over time. If your eyebrows have already been groomed by a professional, you can maintain their shape more easily.

It is better to remove a few excess hairs when you notice them rather than waiting for too much to grow back. This way you can maintain the arch as originally created and keep it afterwards.

Don’t want to use tweezers ? In this case, rapid reshaping of the eyebrow requires cutting the top hairs, using an eyebrow brush and straight scissors. Cut only the ends that stick out, otherwise you risk making a hole in your eyebrow line. It is better to cut little by little using two mirrors in order to have an overall view and a precise finish. Don’t forget to apply a little protective oil to your eyebrows every day.

And if you want to let them grow to create a new shape of eyebrows, we advise you to apply a few drops of castor oil to boost their growth. You will thus obtain fuller and thicker eyebrows. You can also apply this product to your eyelashes to accentuate their regrowth.


When is it best to pluck your eyebrows? It is recommended to pluck your eyebrows once every 5 weeks on average . However, it depends on the person. If you notice that your eyebrows are different lengths and too thick, the trick is to trim the protruding ends rather than plucking them. This is so as not to touch the roots too often and to wait for the hairs to reach the same cycle.


When we wonder how to properly pluck our eyebrows, one of the first things that comes to mind is how thick to leave them. The thickness of the eyebrow has a significant impact on the harmony of your eyes and your face in general. What is the ideal thickness for your eyebrows? At the base level, this thickness should not exceed 15 mm, whatever the shape of your face and never be less than 4 mm. If the thickness is too thin it will give a bald appearance to your eyebrow which will then be too thin. We therefore estimate that the suitable thickness is 7 mm on average. On the side of the eyebrow tip, the average thickness should be approximately 3 mm and not exceed 4 mm.

How do I choose the shape to give to my eyebrows?

To choose the shape of your eyebrows, you must take into account the shape of your face . Several situations must therefore be distinguished:

  • You have a square face: in this case, it is desirable to leave your eyebrows fairly visible without plucking too much. This helps soften your face;
  • Your face is round: the eyebrows will then have an average thickness, neither too thin nor too full. The shape can stretch into a point or slightly into a circumflex accent;
  • If your face is elongated, the process is the opposite since you must then give a rather straight shape to the eyebrows in order to break the elongated appearance of the face;
  • The inverted triangle face: in this case, you have the choice between full or lightly plucked eyebrows, with an arc shape to naturally rebalance your face. It is better not to have eyebrows that are too thin .

Prepare for hair removal: define the eyebrow line

define the eyebrow line

To properly wax your eyebrows you must first prepare for waxing .

To find your eyebrow line, we advise you to use a pencil and align it at the inner corner of the eye, at the edge of the nose. Using another pencil, make a point just above, to mark the place where the pencil crosses your eyebrow. This is where your eyebrow line should begin. Then repeat with the other nostril.

To determine where your eyebrows should end, consider the shape you want them to have. The arch around the eye is called the circumflex accent . Take a pencil and line it up from the edge of the nostril to the outer tip of the eye then mark this spot. You then just have to define the thickness you want to give to your eyebrows.

The different hair removal techniques

There are several eyebrow waxing techniques, each with its own characteristics and benefits:

  • tweezers, the most used technique because it is the simplest in practice,
  • warm wax to make a general outline of the line,
  • the electric epilator equipped with a specific epilation head for this specific location,
  • eyebrow threading,
  • the solution in an institute with a professional beautician.


Using tweezers can sometimes be painful and time-consuming. However, it is possible to properly pluck your eyebrows with this essential accessory in your bathroom. First, choose handy pliers with fine tips .

Then, pluck your eyebrows preferably after the shower, when the pores are dilated. Consider softening the skin around the eyebrows to allow the hairs to emerge more easily. Then, remove the hair in the direction it grows, usually from the nose towards the forehead. In the same way we advise you to use two mirrors, one magnifying and the other to follow the progress of the work in an overall manner. Do not hesitate to apply an eyebrow gel so that they stay in place.



If you want to wax your eyebrows , you need to choose lukewarm wax or cold wax strips. Unlike tweezing, waxing eyebrows is very precise and requires less time. The wax can be used either to remove all unwanted hairs or to create a new eyebrow shape. To avoid making any mistakes, we advise you to use sufficient lighting.

Tips for beautiful eyebrows without pain

To remove hair without pain, here are some tips to apply:

  •  Prepare your skin by placing an ice cube on your brow bone for a few minutes. The cold puts nerve endings to sleep, providing an anesthetic effect that reduces pain. The other technique is to wax after you get out of the shower;
  • Choose tweezers with a pointed tip;
  • Don’t miss a single hair by using good light and a magnifying mirror;
  • Grab each hair at its base to prevent it from slipping or breaking and pull the hair with a sure gesture in the direction of its growth;
  • Massage the brow bone with a moisturizer or soothing oil after hair removal, similar to aloe vera products. This soothes, hydrates and makes the skin more supple.

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