Microblading Vs. Powder Eyebrows: how long they last and the difference

Depending on what decade you grew up in, eyebrows make you think of Brooke ShieldsKate Moss, or Cara Delevingne. They are so powerful that they managed to catapult all three women to fame, for different reasons. Brooke for her thick eyebrows , Kate for having them almost non-existent and Cara for wearing them darker than her hair. They are important, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. 

In recent years, the boom in having perfectly well-defined eyebrows every day and at all times led us to use new technologies to do microblading and Powder brows . But before making hasty decisions, making a large investment or putting yourself in the hands of anyone, it is important to be well informed. If you are still undecided and don’t know which of the two options to choose, keep reading. 

What is the difference between microblading and Powder brows?

Microblading is a hair-to-hair technique and is done manually with an inductor,’ says the expert. ‘Powder brows, on the other hand, are done with a demograph in the highest layer of the skin, depositing pigment. As its name says, the effect it provides is a ‘shading’. 

What is important to consider before getting Powder brows? 

‘Many times my clients tell me that they never put makeup on their eyebrows and that they don’t like how they look with makeup. If that’s your case, then I wouldn’t recommend doing it,’ she says. ‘Also, you have to take into account what your activities are for the week of the procedure, if you are going to the beach I do not recommend doing it before for any reason, since the Sun cannot shine on you nor can you go into the sea. Furthermore, you have to know that the first few days it is a little marked and you must trust the process, as it decreases over time by 60% before seeing the final result.’

Don’t forget that the most key thing is to put yourself in the hands of a professional . ‘Having seen people in person who have had it done and you really like it, because social media can lie,’ she adds, ‘most of my clients come by word of mouth and that’s what I like.’ On the other hand, Ruenes insists that it is important to trust the professional and follow all instructions to the letter to obtain a good result. ‘If the client has a bad post-treatment, we can obtain different results than desired,’ she says.

What do you base your eyebrow design on?

Each client’s eyebrow design is unique and depends on their needs. ‘Every person is different and I have to be very aware that they have something specific left,’ he adds, ‘you can’t invent a thick eyebrow where there has always been a thin eyebrow, but the incredible thing about this is that you can always improve, without change the person’s expression. What I consider to be the most important thing.’ 

What powder is used to pigment eyebrows?

What powder is used to pigment eyebrows

‘I use the highest quality pigments for each micropigmentation procedure,’ he says. ‘Previously, when it was fashionable to ‘tattoo the eyebrow’, inks were used, which in truth changed color on the skin as the years went by, becoming red/orange or green/purple. This also depended a lot on the depth with which the tattoos were made to obtain long duration.’ The eyebrow designer states that this is not ideal, since: ‘this causes trauma to the skin and when it changes color it doesn’t look good at all,’ she says. 

How long does the powder effect on eyebrows last?

‘It lasts 12-18 months and a touch-up is performed one month after having undergone the procedure for the first time,’ he says. 

How long does the procedure take? Hurts?

If you are thinking about getting powdered eyebrows , it is best to be prepared to spend a good time in the studio. ‘It took us approximately two hours in total, as I mentioned before, as it is a procedure that is performed on the highest layer of the skin, it does not cause much pain,’ she says. Even so, the expert anesthetizes the area with lidocaine to avoid any discomfort.

What care should be taken with powder brows?

The same day you have the procedure, you should clean your eyebrows with a damp cotton pad. This is because: ‘the lymph that the body secretes must be removed, this is to avoid scabs and obtain a better result. It should be cleaned every half hour for 5 hours,’ he explains. ‘The next day you cannot wet your eyebrow or exercise, and you have to apply a special cream twice a day.’ From day three to day seven: ‘You must apply the special ointment 3 times a day, without applying makeup to your eyebrow.’ He also insists that it is important to avoid sauna, steam, and getting Botox or facial peels.

How do you remove powdered eyebrows if you don’t like the result?

There are two options, let time pass and the effect disappear only because it is not so deep, or: ‘You can have a laser to eliminate it. Fortunately, a marvelous laser called Philaser came onto the market, which breaks down the skin’s pigment,’ he tells exclusively. ‘I have seen wonderful results with this new laser, as it eliminates microblading and tattoos, both on eyebrows and lips, and in other parts of the body. Although the only place that the laser cannot be performed is in the eyes.’ 

How can you rejuvenate with powdered eyebrows?

‘The eyebrow is the frame of the face, and as its name suggests, the powder effect is a semi-permanent micropigmentation technique with which you simulate powder on your eyebrows, which is as if you were putting makeup on them. Then imagine waking up every day with your eyebrows made up, but with a natural finish, that gives a lot of life and rejuvenates your face,’ he concludes. 

Microblading vs. powder eyebrows: which looks more natural?

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Which technique looks more natural?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the shape and thickness of your natural eyebrows, as well as the skill of the esthetician performing the procedure. In general, microblading tends to look more natural, as the eyebrow hair-like strokes can mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows.

On the other hand, powder brows can appear flatter and less realistic, especially if applied excessively or in an unnatural way. However, if done correctly and in moderation, powder brows can provide a natural, defined look.

Which is more painful?

Both microblading and powder brows can cause some level of discomfort during the procedure. However, many people find microblading more painful as it involves creating small cuts in the skin and applying pigment to the top layer of the skin.

On the other hand, powder brows are less invasive and can be less painful. The powder is applied to the skin with a makeup tool, which means there are no cuts or incisions.

Which lasts longer?

Microblading and powder brows have different durations. Microblading lasts one to three years before needing a touch-up, while powder brows can last six months to a year.

Therefore, if you want a long-term solution, microblading may be the best option. However, if you prefer to change your brows more frequently, powder brows may be a good option.

Which is more expensive?

The cost of microblading and powder brows varies depending on where it is performed and the skill of the esthetician. In general, microblading tends to be more expensive than powder brows due to the length of the procedure and the need for touch-ups.

In any case, it is important to do your research and choose an esthetician with experience and good reviews to ensure satisfactory results.

In conclusion, both microblading and powder eyebrows have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you are interested in improving your eyebrows, we recommend consulting with an esthetician to find the best option for you.

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