What to do when your Microblading fades quickly? Tips and solutions

Eyebrow Microblading is a popular technique to achieve perfect eyebrows. However, you may be wondering why your Microblading fades quickly. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this and how you can prolong the life of your Microblading.

Why Eyebrow Microblading Fades Quickly: Causes and Solutions

Eyebrow Microblading can fade quickly due to several reasons.


1. Sun Exposure: Excessive sun exposure can cause pigment to fade more quickly. UV rays can break down the pigments applied during microblading, causing premature fading.

2. Pigment quality: Using low quality pigments may cause faster fading. It is important to use high quality pigments that are durable and resistant.

3. Improper care after treatment: Improper care after microblading can cause the pigment to come off more quickly. It is essential to follow the instructions of the professional who performed the procedure and avoid using chemicals or exfoliants in the treated area.


Why Eyebrow Microblading Fades Quickly

1. Apply sunscreen: Using sunscreen on your eyebrows will help protect the pigment from UV rays and prevent premature fading.

2. Periodic touch-ups: Performing periodic touch-ups is essential to maintain the desired appearance of the eyebrows. This will reinforce the pigment and correct any faded areas.

3. Proper post-treatment care: Following the professional’s instructions after microblading is vital. Avoid contact with chemicals, do not scratch or rub your eyebrows and use recommended eyebrow care products.

In conclusion, rapid microblading fading can be caused by sun exposure, pigment quality, and improper care. To avoid this, it is important to protect your eyebrows from the sun, use high-quality pigments, perform regular touch-ups, and follow proper care after treatment.

Frequent questions

What are the possible reasons why my Eyebrow Microblading fades quickly?

There are several possible reasons why your Eyebrow Microblading fades quickly. Below, I will mention some of them:

1. **Improper care**: Care after the Microblading procedure is crucial to ensure the longevity and appearance of your eyebrows. If you do not follow the instructions provided by your specialist, the pigment may fade more quickly. This includes avoiding contact with water for the first few days, avoiding using harsh chemicals on the area, and avoiding scratching or rubbing your eyebrows.

2. **Sun Exposure**: Prolonged sun exposure can cause pigment to fade faster. It is important to protect your newly microbladed eyebrows with sunscreen and wear hats or caps when outdoors.

3. **Oily Skin**: People with oily skin may experience faster pigment fading due to excessive oil production in the skin. Excess oil can cause the pigment to disperse and fade more quickly. In these cases, you may need more touch-ups or additional sessions to achieve long-lasting results.

4. **Pigment Quality**: If the pigment used during the procedure is not of high quality or is not suitable for your skin type, you may experience premature fading. It is important to make sure that your specialist uses pigments that you trust and that they are appropriate for your skin tone and eyebrow type.

5. **Genetic Factors**: Some people have a natural ability to retain deeper, longer-lasting pigments, while others may experience faster fading due to genetic factors. If you have a family history of Microblading that fades quickly, you may need to talk to your specialist about alternative options or consider more frequent touch-ups.

Remember that everyone is different and there may be other specific individual reasons for rapid fading from Eyebrow Microblading. It is best to consult with your Microblading specialist to evaluate your particular case and determine the best solution.

Are there factors that could cause Eyebrow Microblading to fade faster than expected?

Yes, there are several factors that can cause Eyebrow Microblading to fade faster than expected. It is important to note that the result and duration of microblading can vary from person to person, but here are some common reasons why microblading may fade faster:

1. **Improper care after the procedure**: It is crucial to follow the care instructions provided by the professional after performing microblading. This includes avoiding water on the eyebrows for the first few weeks, not scratching or rubbing the eyebrows, avoiding harsh chemicals on that area, and keeping them hydrated with special recommended creams.

2. **Excessive sun exposure**: Prolonged sun exposure can cause pigment to fade faster. It is important to protect your eyebrows from the sun by using sunscreen and, if possible, avoiding direct sun exposure for long periods.

3. **Skin type and metabolism**: The speed at which your body metabolizes pigment can vary depending on your skin type and metabolism. Some people may notice that their microblading fades more quickly due to the way their bodies remove pigment.

4. **Use of aggressive products and facial treatments**: Using aggressive products or facial treatments in the eyebrow area can cause microblading to fade faster. This includes peels, chemical exfoliants, and some facial rejuvenation treatments. It is important to avoid using these products directly on the eyebrow area or consult a professional before performing any aggressive facial treatment.

5. **Quality of the pigment and technique used**: The quality of the pigment used and the skill of the professional can also affect the duration of microblading. Poor quality pigment can fade more quickly, as can poor technique from the professional.

It is essential to follow the care guidelines recommended by the professional and take these factors into account to prolong the duration of microblading.

What additional care should I take to prevent my Eyebrow Microblading from fading quickly?

To prevent eyebrow microblading from fading quickly, it is important to follow a series of additional care:

1. **Avoid excessive sun exposure**: UV rays can affect the pigment of newly microbladed eyebrows, so it is important to protect them from the sun. Wear a hat or cap and apply sunscreen to the eyebrow area if you are exposed to the sun.

2. **Do not wet your eyebrows for the first few days**: Microblading needs time to heal properly, so it is essential to avoid contact with water for the first 7-10 days after the session. This includes avoiding showering directly on the face and not submerging your eyebrows in water, whether in the pool, the sea or hot tubs.

3. **Avoid chemicals and creams on your eyebrows**: During the healing process, it is important to avoid using chemicals or creams on your eyebrows. These products can alter the color and durability of the pigment. Also, avoid using exfoliating products or any facial treatments that may irritate the eyebrow area.

4. **Don’t touch or scratch your eyebrows**: It is essential to resist the temptation to touch, scratch or rub your eyebrows while they are healing. This can cause loss of pigment and affect the final result.

5. **Avoid using makeup on your eyebrows during the healing phase**: During the healing process, it is advisable not to apply makeup or products on your eyebrows. This includes shadows, pencils, gels, or any other products that may interfere with the healing and outcome of microblading.

6. **Schedule follow-up touch-up**: Microblading is a gradual process and may require one or two follow-up touch-ups to achieve the desired result and ensure longer life. It is important to follow the professional’s recommendations and schedule the touch-ups within the stipulated time.

Remember that each person and skin type may have different needs and healing times. Therefore, it is essential to follow your professional’s instructions and be in contact with him or her if you have any questions or eventualities during the healing process.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why your Microblading may fade quickly. Poor application technique and the use of low quality products may affect the duration of the procedure. It is also important to note that proper aftercare It is essential to maintain the result for longer. Avoiding sun exposure, not using aggressive products on the eyebrows and following the professional’s instructions are key actions to prolong the useful life of Microblading. Furthermore, each person has a different cell renewal cycle, so some individuals may need more frequent touch-ups than others. Ultimately, it is essential to go to an experienced and reputable Microblading specialist to ensure long-lasting and satisfactory results.

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