Is it possible to achieve long lasting eyebrow makeup with cheap cosmetics?

Many women are convinced that beautiful eyebrows can only be achieved with the most expensive cosmetics; otherwise, the makeup will run and fade quickly. They couldn’t be further from the truth! Find out how to make your eyebrow makeup long-lasting with cheap cosmetics.

Without a doubt, eyebrows are the most crucial thing when it comes to makeup. Perfectly shaped eyebrow ridges defined with pencil are able to miraculously improve the appearance of the face, making it more symmetrical. But the most important thing is to enhance the eyebrows in the right way and put on makeup that even a few drops of rain or sweat will not be able to spoil.

Eyebrow makeup: What are the longest-lasting color cosmetics?

The color cosmetics you use to define your eyebrows have a big influence on whether your makeup lasts a long time or not. What might be surprising, it’s not about the brand or the price of these products, but their type. Each of the cosmetics available differs in terms of texture, ingredients used and application.

You can choose from the following eyebrow makeup products:

  • eyebrow pencil (easiest to use, can smudge).
  • eyebrow shadows (give you subtle effects, can flake and fade)
  • eyebrow marker (easy to use, gives stronger effects than a pencil)
  • eyebrow pomade (creates a really strong effect and is waterproof)
  • eyebrow dye (strong eyebrow dye, the effects of which last longer)

When choosing the right eyebrow cosmetics, you should consider whether you are able to apply it correctly. For example, tints and pomades must be used with dexterity, which could be perceived as a disadvantage, especially when compared to a pencil that is super-easy to apply. So before you buy any eyebrow product from a drugstore, try one of their eyebrow products to see if the effect you get looks natural.

Ways to create long lasting eyebrow makeup – how to do it?

Another really important issue that influences the use of eyebrow makeup is the way we apply it. There are a few important things to keep in mind if you want to create long-lasting effects:

  • Rule 1. Aside from the type of cosmetic, the accessories you use to apply eyebrow makeup also influence the final effect: a beveled, flat brush makes it easier to apply eyebrow cosmetics.It also helps to create lines that mimic natural hairs.
  • Rule 2. You should never apply eyebrow makeup without first removing your old makeup. Even if you have cleansed your skin at bedtime and want to reapply eyebrow makeup in the morning, keep in mind that during the night the brow furrows may have become dirty (e.g., due to sebum). Therefore, just before applying eyebrow makeup, degrease and clean the edges of the eyebrows. Only then can you be sure that your eyebrow makeup will last longer.
  • Rule 3. It is a good practice to check the health of your eyebrows. If you make sure that your eyebrows are strong, thick and dark, you will need less makeup. A good brow serum will do the trick. When used regularly, you will see that gradually the brows will become thicker and look fuller; also the natural color should be more intense. You will soon notice that eyebrow makeup appears to be redundant.

Long lasting eyebrow makeup – what should you keep in mind?

There are a few more things worth noting. Eyebrow makeup will last longer if you pay attention to your habits. Try to remember how many times you touch your face during the day – do you unconsciously play with your eyebrows, for example, by trimming them with your hands? These kinds of things can contribute to shortening the lifespan of even the longest-lasting makeup.

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