Which eyebrow filler should you choose? Learn from my mini guide!

Makeup is one of the “ingredients” we use to create the perfect look. We have to pay attention to the eyebrows, which form a frame for the entire face. What products to choose to make your eyebrows look better? Discover them all!

We all have our unique eyebrow shape and color that matches our beauty type, therefore eyebrow stencils don’t seem like a good idea. We must discover the most flattering colors and learn to use them.

And that’s why we need the right cosmetics for that incredible look. Due to the various and endless eyebrow fillers, we have many options, and choosing a product is difficult. What eyebrow products can we try? Which ones are worth it and in what situation?


Eyebrow fillers we can try include:

  • The eyebrow pencil has been made to easily mark the contour of the eyebrows and draw missing hairs in the gaps. The good thing about this one is that you need extra accessories, such as brushes and an endless number of colors available.
  • The eyebrow gel is a little more difficult to use, but ensures greater precision because it is applied with a thin, angled brush (the need for a separate applicator is a drawback). It not only gives color to the eyebrows, but also sets the shape and keeps them in place.
  • Brow powder is the second most popular filler after pencils. It is easy to apply, there is a margin of error that saves us, we can smear everything if we use too much. Eyebrow powders are usually sold in convenient palettes with an applicator.
  • The brow pomade is a creamy version of the powder and blends better into the skin for a more intense effect. Additionally, pomades are among the most long-lasting fillers. Too bad you have to buy an extra brush to use it.
  • The eyebrow tint is the last filler on the list and the longest lasting (it stays on the eyebrows even for fifteen hours or so), plus it gives a very intense color. The tint also requires the use of a special precision brush.


There is a reason why eyebrow fillers are available in various color versions. The secret to impressive makeup is choosing colors that make us look natural, they should match the hair color and skin tone. Let’s follow two simple rules, while making a choice:

  • Eyebrows should not be darker than the hair on your head (but blondes can obviously forget about this rule).
  • The eyebrows should not be completely covered in color, so we must blend the color well or use a darker tone for the lower eyebrow line and a lighter one for the upper line (ombré).

Did you know…

…when you buy eyebrow fillers you should pay attention to the tone, not just the color? Spring or winter beauty types should choose cool shades. Everyone else can opt for warm tones.

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