how long does mascara last and how to get the most out of it?

how long does mascara last

Let yourself be tempted by the world of semi-permanent mascara and discover its incredible endurance. Have you always dreamed of having long, thick and voluminous eyelashes without daily effort? Semi-permanent mascara is a cosmetic innovation that promises to magnify your eyes in the blink of an eye. So how long does semi-permanent mascara last? In this article, we will reveal … Read more



Our eyelashes fall naturally. Just like hair, it renews itself! However, it happens that they are torn off by mistake or that they occasionally fall due to mistreatment, illness or genetics. In these cases how to remedy it? We tell you everything. Having long, beautiful eyelashes is everyone’s dream. To enhance a look there is nothing better and many like … Read more

Damaged eyelashes due to eyelash extensions – The reasons

Damaged eyelashes due to eyelash extensions

Have you ever heard or read testimonials saying that applying eyelash extensions had damaged your natural eyelashes? Premature loss, bare eyelid, slower regrowth, thinner and less abundant eyelashes… Let it be said, these stories are not myths, you yourself Lash Artist have probably already received a client who had extensions fitted to another person and … Read more

Eyelashes fall out: what now?

Eyelashes fall out

our eyelashes are falling out, what to do? If you occasionally find fallen eyelashes, there is no need to panic. Eyelashes eyelashes grow in a certain hair cycle and so it is normal for your eyelashes to fall out. About one to five eyelashes per day is common. Your eyelashes have a short growth cycle. A hair of eyelashes automatically … Read more