Microblading or henna eyebrow design: Which one to choose?

Looking in the mirror and seeing perfect eyebrows every day sounds impossible, but it is not. We have numerous techniques to achieve this. Among them are microblading and henna eyebrow design . Both are treatments to define and style your eyebrows. But there are numerous differences between them. In this article, we are going to buy them so you can choose the right option for you:

What is microblading? What is henna eyebrow design?

Before starting to compare both techniques, let’s define them to know what each one consists of:

Microblanding is eyebrow pigmentation . This makeup technique is semi-permanent and offers greater naturalness than micropigmentation. The process is completely manual, working hair by hair on your eyebrow to shape it or fill in empty spaces. This is achieved by depositing a pigment in the base layer of the epidermis.

This technique has the possibility of changing the design of your eyebrows, giving them more density or even making a new design from scratch.

Henna eyebrow design, on the other hand, consists of tinting your eyebrows with an organic pigment . This achieves a shading effect on the skin. It is used to shape eyebrows and fill cavities. With this henna dye, you can keep your perfect eyebrows for up to 3 months. The product will fall off your eyebrows little by little.

Microblading vs henna eyebrow design

Once the definitions are made and we have clear ideas, we are going to show the pros and cons of each treatment:


Starting with microblading , one of the most attractive aspects is its maintenance , since it lasts intact for up to 12 months. This treatment offers great freshness and style to your face. However, its implementation is a little slower (it takes an hour and a half to do) and it is not the most economical treatment in the short term, but it is in the long term. Another con of this treatment is that it has to be done in two sessions and reviewed after 4 or 5 weeks. Furthermore, after having this treatment, you must follow an exact type of care .

Microblading or henna eyebrow design
Microblading or henna eyebrow design: Which one to choose? 2

Henna eyebrow design:

In contrast, henna eyebrow design lasts much less, reaching 3 months, the date at which the product will begin to fall off. This treatment is cheaper and quicker to do (45 minutes). Furthermore, there is no need to follow any special care. It is also important to note that this process is painless , unlike microblanding which will require healing.

Care and hygiene routines:

This point is key to deciding on one treatment or another on many occasions.

Microblading requires greater care after its performance, such as not exposing yourself to the sun during the first week of healing, curing your eyebrows with saline and chlorhexidine during the first 5 or 6 days, not using creams or makeup during the week of healing or avoiding excessive sweating.

As we observed, for the optimal treatment of your eyebrows with microblanding you must take rigorous care of them and make their healing possible. This does not happen with henna eyebrow design . With this, it is only necessary to avoid the sun and swimming or the use of saunas during the first 24 hours and not use oil-based makeup removers so that the treatment lasts longer.

After seeing its pros and cons, it is important to describe for which profiles each treatment is recommended :

Microblading is suitable for those people who suffer from sparse eyebrow hair, regardless of the type of alopecia (chemotherapy , skin lesions, etc.). It is important to note that cancer patients will be able to have this treatment 6 months after finishing chemotherapy.

Those people who have eyebrows with irregular strokes or small bald spots can also opt for this treatment.

For its part, henna eyebrow design is ideal for anyone, especially as it consists of a treatment with natural products .

What is the ideal technique for you?

In short, neither of the two treatments is better than the other. You will be the one who decides which one convinces you the most. Likewise, there will always be a team of professionals who will evaluate you and advise the best treatment for your needs.

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